Turkey Valley

Children need healthy meals to learn and grow.  For
almost 70 years, the National School Lunch Program has
been serving meals to our nation’s children, with the
original concept of ending malnutrition and child-hood
hunger.  This past year, with the passing of the Healthy-
Hunger Free Act of 2012, school food finally has received
the attention it deserves in relating to its importance in
helping kids succeed in school and providing a
foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.  As a result of
this new law, schools have been charged to create
healthier meals that contain more whole grains,
vegetables, and fruits, and less fat and sodium and set
sensible calorie limits based on the age of children.  
The Healthy-Hunger Free Act of 2012 requires the
•        A child must choose a minimum of ½ cup of either a
vegetable or fruit each day. The lunch price will not
change if both are chosen, so encourage your child to
select a vegetable and a fruit for the healthiest lunch tray.  
In addition, they must choose two other lunch components
for a meal.
•        A wider variety of vegetables are now being offered.  
Encourage your child to try a new vegetable choice –
especially dark green, red, and orange veggies and
•        Breads and grains served are transitioning to whole
grain.  By school year 2014-15, all grains will whole grain-
•        The types of milk offered are now required to be fat-
free (unflavored or flavored), low-fat (unflavored only), fat-
free or low –fat lactose –reduced or lactose-free.
•        Calories, sodium and saturated fats are now required
to be within a certain range, depending on your child’s
grade level.
Our school food service staff member, in conjunction with
the School Wellness Team, are working very hard on
educating students and staff about healthy living habits
and the importance of trying new foods with support from
the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative.  We are
trying to purchase as much local, fresh food as possible,
while keeping school lunch prices low.  
You can help support our efforts by encouraging your
child to eat fruits and vegetables at home and building
healthy habits into your day.  
We look forward to a happy healthy start to school in the
Together, We Grow Healthy Kids