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                     Health Care is making Me Sick

    Are you like me?  Your head is spinning from all this "Health Care
    Reform" discussion.  Obama wants one thing, the rest of the
    Democrats another, and the Republicans still something else.

    What has happened to the change promised?  Yes, I know we have
    had a change of leadership and some change of policies, but when I
    was thinking change, I was actually seeking improvement.

    Improvement the way our leaders go about things.  This has not
    happened.  It is still the almighty party dictates how its party
    members think and legislate.  And unfortunately most of the time
    those on both sides of the aisle really act in a way that makes me
    believe their attitude is F--- the American people.  It is I that have
    been elected as a member of my party and therefore it is what my
    party wants that is important and not the people who elected me.

    And what does the party want?  

    If you are a  Republican;  The party wants all of the money in the
    hands of the Large Corporations for it is they that know what is
    best for America and its people.

    If you are a Democrat;  The party wants all of the money in the
    hands of the Government for it is they that know what is best for
    America and its people.

    How about Joe American?  This poor guy is stuck.  He is F-----, no
    matter which way it goes.  All he wants is affordable health care.  
    Unfortunately, either way this thing goes his health care will not be
    affordable.  He either has to pay through the nose for increasingly
    high insurance premiums and unbelievably skyrocketing costs for
    anything associated with keeping him and his family healthy and
    alive or pay through the nose in taxes.  

    Besides, more and more when a member of his family sees a doctor,
    they(the doctor and provider) are more concerned about their
    bottom line than our health.

    What the hell is going on....?

    In a civilized society shouldn't we all expect to be treated in a
    respectable fashion?  Shouldn't we all have the benefit of the
    knowledge of man, which comes from God, that can save our life
    and make us better?

    If we see a man dieing on a street is the first thing we should ask is
    how are you going to pay me if I save your life?

    We now allow hospitals and doctors to do this very thing.  Every day
    in America someone dies because they could not afford to pay for
    the health care they needed.

    What is the Democrats solution to this?  Instead lets send all the
    money to the government and let the government take care of us.  
    Wow!  This has really worked good in the past.  Exhibit A is
    education.  I'm sure all you right wingers have millions of examples.

    What is the answer?

    Joe and Jo American we must take back our country.  We have to
    quit letting the politicians and big business run it and our lifes.  We
    need a new political party in this country.  We haven't really had a
    new impactful party in this country since the early 1850s when the
    Republican Party was formed in Crawfordsville, Iowa and Ripon,
    Wisconsin the two places that have a rightful claim to the Birth
    Place of the party.

    This new party needs to be formed from the grass roots.  From the
    bottom up.  We do not need some filthy rich American who wants to
    be President to start a party.  Jo and Joe American need to do it.

    We can do it!!!

    Like the song I hear in church goes..."Let there be Peace on Earth
    and let it begin with Me".  It has to.  It is the only answer and the
    only real hope for reform and improvement (not just change).

    It has to begin with all of us!

    I would like to hear from you!

    Randy Novotny

Eddie & Eydie See with Evelyn

See Eddie and Eydie See with
Evelyn...They are proud that
pounds 7 ounces.

It cost them several 1000
dollars to have her.

In 1954, it cost less than $50 for
Evelyn's grandfather to be
delivered in the same hospital
and it included 3 days of room
and board for both the mother
and the baby

Unfortunetly, they are
concerned about their ability to
afford the needed health care.  

If something should happen to
Evelyn or one of them...they
might have to quit their jobs or
get divorced so they could get
the needed assistance from the

This is not opinion....This is
"You think you have it bad?  Try
find out what poor health
coverage really is."

HP from Moscow
"I agree with what you are saying.  
The guy in the middle is getting
squeezed more all the time.  I think
attitude and that is why they just
don't seem to care anymore"

MW no town given
"Too many people go to the doctor
when they really don't need to.  If
health care it will get even worse.  
People should be expected to pay
their own way and not depend on
the government"

JG from W, I
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... I agree that both Dems and
Republicans are controlled by
special interests and care very
little about their constituents.
Neither party has much to be
proud about right now...

Diane, U,S,A
Great piece, nicely stirring. I have
decided to make a run for U.S.
Senate precisely because of the
reasons you laid out.

Ken Pritchett, Alabama
Super article!  ... is exactly how
Americans are feeling right now.

You take a nice trip down
Presidential memory lane. I agree
Reagan was the best.

Howard, Kentucky
Thanks Randy ... I just feel we are
in danger of losing all our rights... I
wish people would take this

Vicki, Idaho
I agree with most of what you
say.My husband worked with
detached because security
demanded it.
A NEW USA, yes.

The one thing that I differ most is
on GWB. I think he was hampered
greatly by the heavy hands of the
Demo. house.  He wasn't perfect.
But he cared about his country and
we were safe with him in office. We
are endangered with BHO in office.

Donna, America
Read your column, well written and
to the point. But I believe that the
lords way is the only possible way
out of this mess

David, Oklahoma
Thank you for being a freedom
loving American! Together we will
defend the founding principles &
values of this great country!

I can't believe you actually voted
for Obama. Why? As 4 Presidents,
you're 2 soft on Dems & 2 tough on
Rep. ones, except RR

Jennie, Texas
Great article! Enjoyed it very
much...just one small things sticks
out. Re: Rush...We conservatives
agree with Rush.
Barack failing means America wins.
If we defeat socialist and free
markets win - America wins. same
as Reagan defeated communism

Eda, NC
Your article is sincere and honest.
I give it 5 "heartfelt" stars.

Joe, Fl
Great article Randy. Like you said,
we don't need Republicans or
Dems in charge. We need "We the
People in Charge".

2b finally coming down to reality,
but deserves bashing when he
strays from the center

Column is wonderful. You write
well and are right on the money.
Thank you for your work and
sharing. God bless you.

... I agree that both Dems and
Republicans are controlled by
special interests and care very
little about their constituents.
Neither party has much to be
proud about right now...

Diane, U,S,A
Randy, you hit a Home Run with
this one.  The Cubs could use you
next year!

Great article Randy. I believe what
you state is true. We must treat the
patient(USA) or it will die. Thanks

Dee, Michigan
You are doing an important job, I
wish we had men like you in
Canada - I fear we have already
lost the fight for freedom

Johnnie, Canada
Great article. Now you have caught
2 DO?

Paul, Louisiana

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Where have all the Leaders Gone?
long before Joltin Joe had left and gone away from the planet.  He was
figuratively asking where all our true heroes have gone, because in
the 60s when he wrote the song we needed heroes and didn’t seem to

    Right now we need Leaders and don’t seem to have any; at least
    any that seem to understand the need to show concern for the
    problems and issues of the people.

    The President is supposed to be a leader.  A leader of all
    Americans and the free world.  

    Our current President reminds me of the little kid playing
    baseball who always wanted to pitch and finally got his
    opportunity and says “look at me mom and dad, I’m pitching” and
    then gets shelled.  It doesn’t matter to him because the only
    thing that does is that he is the pitcher.  The outcome of the
    game isn’t important.  His teammates aren’t important.  The only
    thing that matters is he is the pitcher.  That’s all that is important
    to mom and dad and his other followers as well.  It doesn’t matter
    how good of a job he is doing.

    To Mr. Obama’s defense he is not the first that this has
    happened to in recent years.  The last George Bush started out
    strong as a leader and was remarkable through 9/11 and the days
    that followed.  Somewhere in his second term he just seemed to
    run out of gas and no longer possessed the same qualities.  It
    might have been even sooner.

    Clinton was more of a “Teflon Bill”.  The good times we had
    during his administration probably had little to do with him.  The
    balanced budget was probably because of Newt Gingrich and the
    rest of Congress.  Sometimes, it is better to be lucky than good.  
    A true leader would never be caught with his pants down as
    often as Clinton was.  A true leader would not embarrass us like
    he did.

    The first George Bush just seemed too far out of it at times.  He
    really never connected with the American people.  Maybe, it
    really was that silver spoon.

    Good men in many ways, all of them, but just not the leaders we
    need in the White House.

    Ronald Reagan was a remarkable leader from bell to bell.  The
    best (by far), I can remember in my lifetime.  He led because he
    possessed the wisdom necessary for the position.  He could
    connect with people on all levels.  He was truly concerned about
    making it a better country and a better world.

    The Presidency isn’t as much about policy as it is leadership.  It
    matters not if you are conservative, liberal, middle of the road,
    or something else. Can you lead?  Can you put confidence in the
    American people?   Can you portray the United States as a strong
    yet compassionate country?

    Reagan had it all.  I’m not sure if Obama has any of it!

    I have to confess, I voted for Barack Obama because I thought
    he might possess Reagan type leadership.  

    So far, he has failed me and the rest of the people of the United
    States of America!

    I am not Rush!  I do not want him to fail.  I want him to succeed.  
    Just like I always want everyone the American people put in a
    leadership role to succeed.

    I am not controlled by party politics like so many in our country.  
    My only hope is for our country to get better.

    On the top of the pyramid of the Great John Wooden’s “Pyramid
    for Success” it says, “Do your best when your best is required
    and your best is required everyday”.  

    That’s what I want out of our leaders.  That’s what I want out of
    the United States.  Now more than ever our best is required.

    We cannot be at our best when our chief leader does not have
    his eye on the ball.

    The Olympics for Chicago in 2016 means practically nothing to
    the success of this nation.

    Yet, on the very day when unemployment rates were announced
    at the highest rate in 26 years, just a couple of days after our
    commander in Afghanistan revealed the embarrassment for all
    Americans that he had talked to the President only once; where
    was Barack Obama?  In Copenhagen, hoping to further his “Rock
    Star” image by being there to celebrate the announcement of
    Chicago winning the Olympics for 2016.

    Right now our President is drowning in arrogance!  

    While many are terribly hurting in this country, while young men
    and women are dying and being permanently maimed on
    battlefields in different parts of the world our President and
    other leaders stick to politics as usual.

    What’s the hurry on healthcare?  We certainly need some kind of
    reform.  Americans deserve affordability.  However, we do not
    need a plan that is rammed down our throats without input from
    all sides.  

    Let the soup cook before you serve it.  Let us decide if the soup
    is ready to eat or if it needs more or less ingredients.  Don’t tell
    us how great it is before we have a chance to decide.

    It seems to matter to our leaders only what happens to them
    politically and not what happens to “We the People”.  

    Our political system is sick and it is making our country sick as
    well.  Unfortunately, “We the People” keep treating the
    symptoms instead of the disease.

    The disease is that both parties want control of the people.  The
    only difference is they want to control the people in different

    So, what do we do?  We treat the symptoms with a pill in the form
    of the vote that changes the symptoms every few years.  The
    problem is when we cure one symptom the others come back
    and so forth.  We are in a vicious cycle that can only end in
    death.  Death to the great country of the United States of

    We can still save the patient, but we must begin to treat the
    disease.  You treat the disease by taking a new course of action
    with new leaders with a goal for them and the country to do their
    best everyday for the people of the United States and the Planet

    We must quit being controlled by the Democratic and Republican
    parties and their special interests.  We must elect leaders not
    associated and controlled by either party.  That is the treatment
    for the disease.

    That is how we save the great country of the United States of

    It has to begin with all of us!

    I would like to hear from you!

    Randy Novotny


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    Orginally published 10/5/2009
with Randy Novotny
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