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40 pounds!
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That's Me (Randy Novotny-photo below right) just a couple days before
weighing in at the doctors office prior to my yearly physical.
I weighed 215!

I had my physical yesterday and the doctor told me I was fat.  I said to him
if you don't mind, I would like a second opinion.  He said okay, You're Ugly,

The Big 6-0 is coming up for me next September 22nd.  
We are going to shed 40 pounds by the 60th birthday.

We are going on the
Randy Novotny Weight Loss Plan
Eat Less and Better
and Excercise More
Works Every Time!

The goal is to go from 215 to 175 by
September 22, 2014, my 60th birthday.
After that the secondary goal is to never go over 180 again.  

When I was in the best shape and condition of my life, I weighed
157.  At this point, that # is probably unrealistic, but 175 should be
attainable and if I watch it, it should never go over 180 again.

We'll Keep you posted of the progress!
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The Drive to 175
You are also invited to join in and try to
lose a few yourself (if needed).  Of
course, you should consult a doctor first.
The Progress
(weigh-in day is Monday of each week since 9/22/2014 is a Monday)
     12/02/2013---weighed 206 (down 1 more)
     11/25/2013...weighed 207 (down 2 more)

        11/18/2013---weighed 209 (down 3 more)
11/11/2013---weighed 212 (down 3)
11/7/2013---weighed 215 (the start)

Having the weigh-in day on Mondays makes this a little more
challenging.  I have allowed for 45 weeks to lose 40 pounds, which is
definitely doable not matter what day I weigh-in

We have a treadmill and I have found in
recent years using it is the best way for
me to maintain close to a proper weight.

It forces me to exert myself a little more
than just walking and though at a younger
age I was a jogger that would do 7-8 miles
3-4 times a week, it is something I haven't
done in years.

I have discovered that using the incline
portion also helps you take some pounds
off.  It makes your legs stronger and
consequently I believe you are burning
more calories when you are not in the
exercise mode.

Be Careful!  You must listen to your body.  
Over doing is something we are all
susceptible to when we are in a hurry to
burn off some weight.

It is always interesting to me when I hear
of someone 40+ that has hooked up with a
young trainer to help them develop an
excercise program.  Usually it ends with
the person doing too much too quickly
and at its worst develops injuries and
cannot continue.

What does a 25 year old know
about being 40 or over?
Absolutely Nothing!
Listen to what your body is telling you!
My Exercise Progress

During the first week I have limited myself
to 30 minutes every other day.  I started
on Friday (11/8) and at this writing Friday
(11/15) I have been on the treadmill 4

I have been able to slowly increase the
speed and incline.  Yesterday (11/14), I
covered 2.3 miles up from 1.8 my first day,
which I feel is good progress.

I also have increased the incline to
practically 0 to a pretty solid incline
through most of the 30 minutes.  Solid for
me right now is a 4.0 and 2.0 with
occasional 6.0 and I believe I went to 10.0
a couple of time for just a few seconds
(about 10).

I have been very careful not to overdo.  
Overdoing will set you back and for some
end the entire program.

Listen to your body and
more importantly
know what it is saying.

I may take 2 days off before my next
work-out to help the body stay strong.  
The plan is to go at least 3 times a week
for the first couple of weeks and than go
to 4 times a week and eventually 5.

I may also increase the length of the
work-out as well, as I progress.

Historically, I try to do at least 3 miles and
as I have gotten older it takes me longer
(more time) to get that far.

I am going to take it slow with the long
term goals in sight more than short term
Eating Weaknesses

I have plenty!  We'll just highlight the main
ones to avoid having to write a novel.

Pizza and candy bars are the 2 main vices
for me when it comes to food.

Until last night (Thursday), I didn't touch
either.  I had some small candy bars last

I do not believe in completely cutting out
the things you enjoy, unless of course
you have to.

Food and drink are two of the pleasures
for most of us in life.  Just about anything
is okay (IN MODERATION).

Cutting down on red meat isn't near as
difficult as it once was.  I used to eat a lot
of hamburger and other beef.  I eat very
little anymore.

Beer is another former weakness that I no
longer have.  Lost my taste for beer a few
years ago.  When I drink beer it is usually
an import, mostly Czech Beers.  I never
drink light beer.

My alcohol of choice these days is red
wine and even that is rare.  Every so
often I'll treat myself to a margaritia.

I also used to be a ham lover.  I almost
never eat ham now.  I lost my taste for it.

I was never that much into pork, although
a good Iowa Chop once in awhile was a

Never was that much into chicken either,
although I do enjoy The Mint's chicken
almost weekly.  It's about the only chicken
I eat and I do enjoy it, but only chicken

I do really enjoy fish; especially tuna.  If I
wasn't concerned about the mercury, I
could almost exclusively eat tuna.  I now
buy it in the vacuum packs rather than the
cans.  It is more expensive, but I think it
tastes better.  Besides, since I got away
from the cans, I haven't cut a finger once
while trying to open the can.  When living
in Florida, I would often order Tuna Fillet
in restaurants, but you rarely find it on the
menu here and if you do it is usually not
as good.  My real favorite fish is grouper,
but again you just do not find good
grouper in Iowa very often.
I also like all kinds of fish prepared with
very little breading or none and like to
flavor it with lemon and sometimes butter.

The #1 thing to remember
when trying to lose weight
is just eat less.
Weekly Comments

Week of 12/2/2013-"We got through Thanksgiving eating a lot of
Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, several servings of apple pie through the
weekend with whipped cream and of course left over Turkey a still lost
a pound...down 9 altogether."

Week of 11/25/2013-"We are down 8 altogether.  This is Thanksgiving
week, so if we can hang in there and not gain anything, we'll call it a
successful week"

Week of 11/18/2013-"We are down 6 altogether.  It is going off a little
quicker than I thought.  Ate some pizza, too!  However, my appetite has
been curtailed and on a tip from my cousin Neal, drinking more water."

Week of 11/11/2013-"We are down 3, which is a good start, but the first
few pounds come off the easiest."