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2013 Czech Days

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2013 Czech Days..."One of
The Best Ever"!

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South Winneshiek Warriors celebrating after their
big Win on Monday over Dike-New Hartford
South Winneshiek, 36, Dike-New Hartford 17
Unfortunetly, South Winneshiek fell in the quarter-finals
@ North Fayette Valley
What a Great Season again for the Warriors.  
Hats Off to the Coaches and Players...and fans, too!
Photo courtesy of Kirk Johnson
Published in Protivin, Iowa USA
for the Pleasure of the World
Locally Owned
Locally Operated
One of Protivin's Favorite Sons
A couple of weeks a go they held
Bill Prochaska Day at Upper Iowa
It commemorated his 50 years of Being a Peacock.
Few people anywhere have done more for young people tha Coach
Prochaska and his wife Jan(middle).  He was a fixture and so was she
for a number of years at Upper Iowa.  Back in 1963 he went to Peacock
Land played a little ball for a few years got his degree went on to
Buffalo Center to teach and coach and then back to Fayette and Upper
Iowa in the early 70s and he's been around there ever since.  Far right
is one of his players from back in the 70s, Tom "Doc" Bruess from
Lawler.  We thank Tom for submitting this photo and the photo to the
left that is displayed at Dorman Gymnasium at Upper Iowa in honor of
Coach Bill Prochaska.  Among other things, Prochaska broke they all
time scoring record in basketball for an Iowa high school player back
in the mid-50s at Rudolphinum High School in Protivin.  He also helped
get the funding for the Protivin Ball Park from the
American Legion
back in the 50s and was one of the founders of Protivin Fast-Pitch
Softball.  Few families if any did more for the town of Protivin than the
Prochaska Family headed by Bill's parents Joe and Wilma.
I'm sure some of you may have heard
of Prochaska's Tavern.
We Congratulate Coach Prochaska and his wife Jan
(originally from Lime Springs) on their long association
and service to Upper Iowa University and Fayette.
We Paid 2.81(9) for Gas the other day in Mason City.  
Gas over the last several months has been lower in Mason City than
any other place.  For some reason it is lower on the west side of town
than the east side of town where it was 2.88.  By the time we got to
Charles City it was 2.99 and it was 3.02 around here.

By the way, Fast Mart in Protivin is always as low or lower than any other
place around here.
That's Me (Randy Novotny) the other night
at the Turkey Valley Game.  (Below)That's
me 41 years ago right around the time I
graduated from high school.  I believe I
weighed about 136 in the photo below.  
From the photo above you can see why I
don't allow to be photographed very often.

I had my physical yesterday and the doctor
told me I was fat.  I said to him if you don't
mind, I would like a second opinion.  He said
okay, You're Ugly, too!

True on both counts, but we are going to
put the pressure on....
I work better under pressure!

Big 6-0 is coming up for me next
September 22nd.  I will not try to get down
to my graduation from high school weight
(that might kill me)
But we are going to shed 40 pounds by
the 60th birthday.

The winner of the
WddNews.com T-Shirt
is Larry Koslowski of Chicago.  He
correctly identified the weight of 215
(right on the money).  Larry said he has no
ties to the area and can never recall
being anywhere near here, but said he
came across the website last spring when
he found it following a flood story link.  He
said he comes back 2-3 times a week
because he likes the pictures and feels
he knows a lot of us.  He is going to try
and come sometime for Czech Days!

We are going on the
Randy Novotny Weight Loss Plan
Eat Less and Better
and Excercise More
Works Every Time!

The goal is to go from 215 to 175 by
September 22, 2014, my 60th birthday.
After that the secondary goal is to
never go over 180 again.  

When I was in the best shape and
condition of my life, I weighed 157.  At
this point, that # is probably
unrealistic, but 175 should be
attainable and if I watch it, it should
never go over 180 again.

We'll Keep you posted of the progress!

Follow the Progress
Best Fish in Years!!!!!
The Community Center in Protivin was jam packed with lucky folks
enjoying some of the
"best fish in years" at the annual American
Legion Fish Fry.  The event brought in around $4700, which will be
used for various legion projects.  There are some expenses of course.

Below you see them serving up the fish with the trimmings, including
baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad.  It was all very good, but one
downer they apparently didn't order enough beans and had a bean
shortage, so I guess that means we'll have
a gas shortage today in town.

A few of a shrinking pack of boy scouts helped with event, including
their leader
Mark Meirick.  It was also impressive to see a number
of people just pitch in and help the legion members, as their numbers
are too on the down slide.
The Boys Dish it out
From left to right facing us, Mark Panos, Raymond Lukes, and
Larry Lukes...
not in the picture was the important one, Gary
who had the job of filling your plate with fish, and he really
pilled it on.  Then of course you would also get a few more helpings of
fish as the boy scouts and others were serving you at your table.  
Always one of Protivin's Best Events!

Below, the crew in the back...keeps the food coming....
It Was a Day to Honor Veterans
See photos and more
from appreciation ceremonies
in New Hampton and at Turkey Valley
Also, To the Left:
"What is a Veteran?"
Moose Sighting near Protivin

We've been hearing the rumors for
weeks...there's the proof above from a
photo submitted to the Decorah Journal
See Decorah Journal Article

If you have something to share
EMail:  Randy@WddNews.com
50 Years Ago

If you were alive you remember where
you were and what you were doing
when you heard the news.

I was a 4th grader at Holy Trinity in
Protivin. I remember a boy from the
high school coming over (don't
remember who it was) to tell us the
news in our classroom.  The nuns were
too overwhelmed to say anything.

It was a big deal when Kennedy was
elected because he was the first
catholic president and now someone
had shot him and he was dead.

We went home from school and spent
the next few days watching our black
and white TVs of all the events
including the killing of Lee Harvey
Oswald and the funeral.  The whole
nation was numb.

Quotes From President Kennedy

"I was a sophomore at the time.  The
nuns were doing a lot of crying."
Dave Polashek,
Superintendent of Schools
Oconto Falls (Wi) Public School District
Note: See Mr. Polashek's column below
from his local newspaper

" I had left Protivin in spring of 1963 and
was teaching and coaching at Bellevue
Marquette.   I had just left a classroom
when I was told.
We had a basketball game at Farley St.
Joes that evening and decided to play
the game.
The mood in the gym was very
The whole weekend was surreal."
Bob Howard
former teacher and coach @
Rudolphinum in Protivin

If you have something to share
EMail:  Randy@WddNews.com
Obituaries and our Policy...
The best place to get obituaries is from the funeral homes website.  
They all have them.  We will publish a photo and a link to obits if
requested by the family and/or funeral home and we feel our visitors
would be interested in the information.  There is no charge for this
service.  We prefer to have a photo and it can be emailed to:  
or if possible and instructed we can download
from the funeral home website.
Still a lot of Corn Out There
We counted at least 13 fields
between Jerico and Protivin with still some corn to be picked,
including at least 3 or 4 that haven't even been started.  
This was on a trip through the area on Tuesday morning (11/19/2013).

We had rains over the weekend and the combines are idle in this area
waiting for the corn to dry.  

Farmers tell us that trying to dry the corn when it is so wet will be
counter-productive and they would lose money.  
With moisture (either rain or snow) predicted for late in the week
there is no telling when this year's corn crop will all be in.
Over the last few years,
The Winneshiek County
"Habitat for Humanity"
has built several homes for qualifying
people in
Right now they are building another one.
(See more on story to the right)
Right around 40 Volunteers
were on hand on Saturday (11/16/2103) to help construct a new home
Paul and Meagan Sobolik of Cresco and their daughter
 The couple qualified over several other applicants for the
latest home being built in
Ridgeway by The Winneshiek County
"Habitat for Humanity"

Contrary to what many think...The home is not just given to the
Soboliks, they must put money down and log so many hours working
on the home before it is turned over to them.  They will also have a
mortgage to pay.

The program allows families who otherwise would not be able to afford
or qualify for a loan to purchase a home and live in a much nicer place
than they otherwise would be able to.

It was an impressive crew donating their time in
Ridgeway.  They had
to fight some rain, but were able to get all the sides up and part of the
roof by days end.  The volunteers work several times a week and with
the roof up won't have to fight the elements near as much in the

The Soboliks are expected to be able to move in
to their new home in March or April of 2014.
This Guy Spotted in Charles City
had the rake out and looked like he was
going to rake some leaves, but decided to
have a beer and cigarette instead, and
was on his way fishing!
(Publishers Note: The following is by David
Polashek, who grew up in Protivin in the
1950s and 60s.  It is re-published here with

(A Semi-Regular Set of Observations of a
Traveler Along the Path)

Even though it may have been far from
the path around the Falls, the vast
majority of the Boomer Generation can
tell you exactly where they were fifty
years ago this coming  Friday.  It was also
a Friday afternoon and most were in
class.  They might remember the class,
the room, and maybe where they were
positioned in the room when they got the
word that the President Kennedy had
been shot.   

Instruction ground to a halt.  Some
teachers tuned in the classroom radio to
the constant flow of news bulletins.  
Other classes gathered around television
sets in assembly rooms.  Some schools
dismissed early.  Prayers were recited in
public school classrooms and no one
raised any fuss about that.  Across the
nation it felt like the life was sucked out
of hearts young and old.  The nation felt
that a good portion of its innocence was
wretched away.

Because it happened on a Friday
afternoon, there was a weekend for some
of the shock to wear off and the impact to
settle in.  The funeral came on Monday.  
Some schools closed for the day and in
those that were open, again there were
student gatherings around television sets
to watch the historic pageantry of laying
that leader to rest.

Because of the timing, school and the
event itself are forever connected for
that generation.  Teachers instantly
became counselors as grief stricken
students sought answers.  Even if they
might have had them in that day and age,
there never would have been enough
crisis teams to go around.   

For many, the incident prompted a
commitment to public service.  In
1961Kennedy signed the law establishing
the Peace Corps.  Many joined as a tribute
to his memory.  “Doing for others”
became popular and a life-long
philosophy for many young people who
learned of the event while they were in a

Kennedy inspired us to ramp up science
instruction with his words, “We choose to
go to the moon in this decade and do the
other things. Not because they are easy,
but because they are hard.”  The nation
was committed to the space race, partially
in response to the fact that the Russians
had put the first man in space.  A proud
nation could not stand by and let that
happen.  The Kennedy Space Center
name pays tribute to the man who got the
nation moving on that climb to the moon.  
JFK airport has been the starting point for
millions of people who fly high into the
sky, even if not quite to the moon,
another fitting tribute.

As far as we know, there never was a
Kennedy School prior to that fateful day in
November.  Today, it has to be one of the
most popular names for school built
during the last half century.  Walking into
many of those schools, one can see a
portrait of that president hung
prominently on the wall.

Perhaps the most famous line came at the
end of his inaugural speech on a cold
January morning in 1961.  “Ask not what
your country can do for you—ask what you
can do for your country.”  If ever there
was an inspirational line for a generation
of young people, this was it.  

This week there will be documentary after
documentary about JFK.  There remains
controversy about his presidency and
conspiracy theorists who can’t be
satisfied with the official findings about
the incident.  In spite of these issues, the
Kennedy legacy guided a nation for half a

Today, idealism in some political haunts is
somewhat short supply.  Perhaps
reflection on what he brought to the
nation would be good therapy for those
who now walk the halls of Congress and
other venues where decisions are made.

If there were messages to tell our
children about those times, it would be
about how inspiration can move
mountains and carry us to the moon.  The
fiftieth anniversary of that tragic event
provides a good opportunity to share
those stories.     

David Polashek is superintendent of the
Oconto Falls School District.
How Are Your Winter
Driving Skills?
We woke up to some snow Friday
morning (11/22/2013)
less than an inch in most places, but just
enough to make the Friday morning
commute a little interesting.  With temps
expected in the low 30s and plenty of
sunshine most will be gone by days end.
However, it's going to be a
with the coldest air so far this
(See forecast immediately below)
Photo below shows how little
in the Protivin Ball Park and
Bouska's Field!
Mervin L. Pecinovsky,  

age 57 of Protivin, Iowa died Thursday
November 21, 2013 at his home from a
farming accident.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held
10:30 a.m. Tuesday November 26, 2013, at
Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Protivin.

Friends may greet the family 3 - 8 p.m.
Monday November 25, 2013 at the
Hugeback Johnson Protivin Funeral Home
where there will be a 4:00 p.m. Rosary.

Interment will be in Holy Trinity Catholic
Cemetery, Protivin.

See full Obituary from
Hugeback-Johnson Funeral Home
2013-2014 TV Wrestling Preview

Turkey Valley
2012-2013 Record: 25-10

Returning Letter Winners: Tom Reicks 120, Travis Reicks 132, Eric
Buckendahl 145, Riley Meirick 152, Nick Meirck 152, Justin Kime 160
(2012) Charles Hadacek 160, Tyler Sawyer 170, Levi Klimesh 182, Ben
Wilkerson 195, Kyle Reicks 220, Luke Kuennen 285

Returning District Qualifiers: Tom Reicks, Riley Meirick, Charles
Hadacek (2012), Tyler Sawyer, Levi Klimesh, Luke Kuennen,

Returning State Qualifier; Luke Kuennen

New Comers: John Gossling 106, Kelby Reicks 170, Scott Kime 182,

Outlook: The team returns a lot off of last years team that lost in the
Regional Dual Finals to Sumner Fred. We have high expectations for
the team coming into this season. Our seniors will be our leaders this
year, as they have been the core of the programs turn around over
the course of the past three seasons. They all want to finish out their
careers on a great note and they all are in a position to do so.

Courtesy of Coach Steven Andrukaitis
Friends Indeed!
Area Farmers and other Folks
Pitch in to Pick Merv's Corn

It was less than a week ago when the entire area was stunned to hear
the news that Merv Pecinovsky had died in a farming accident.  It
wasn't only because at 57 he was way too young to go, but also
because of the disposition he always greeted you with (A smile and a
kind word).

Merv had to be looking down with a huge smile on his face when 20-25
people, maybe even more helped pick the remaining 25 acres or so of
corn on his farm just outside of Protivin on Wednesday (11/27--the day
before Thanksgiving), a day after his funeral.  He has to be thinking,
"Damn, I have a lot of good friends".  
Yes, indeed he does and earned every one of them.

Life long friend and fellow farmer Dave Ondrashek summed it up
"We are happy to be doing this for him and his family, but only
wish when we were done he could be here with us to talk about it."
Ondrashek added,
 "It is easy for all of us to do this, because we know he
would have done it for us"

(The picture above shows 2 of the 3 combines going in one of the
fields on the Merv Pecinovsky farm near Protvin.  The one below
shows one of the combines with the church in the background where
Merv's funeral was held the day before.)
See More Photos and video here

If you have something to share please email
"Turkey of the Year"
Riley Meirick
is the 2013 "Turkey of the Year"
at Turkey Valley.

"Iowa Boy", Chuck Offenburger
makes the trip up every year at this time
to give out this prestigious award.

See photos below with Riley and Chuck (2
Turkeys) & Riley with his parents (Wendy
and Mark).  

We have known for years that the
Meiricks were turkeys.  I remember when
Riley's uncle Mike
had a town named after him.  
That of course is Little Turkey!

Read Chuck's Column about this year's
"Turkey of the Year" @
That's Riley Meirick in the front with Chuck Offenburger behind
him.  They do look like a couple of turkeys.

Below is
Riley with his parents Mark and Wendy of Protivin.

(photos courtesy of Chuck Offenburger &

Read Chuck's Column about this year's "Turkey of the Year" @
Key Word Search (above)
Archives for Past Stories
80 Years Ago

December 5, 1933 - The 18th
Amendment (Prohibition Amendment)
to the U.S. Constitution was
For nearly 14 years, since January 29,
1920, it had
outlawed the manufacture,
transportation, and sale of alcoholic
in the U.S.

"The boys were celebrating that day, 80
years ago!!!"
2013 Wapsie Valley Invite
Results for
Turkey Valley

106 - John Gossling (0-2) place is
unknown and scored 0.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Cody Fisher (South
Winneshiek) 1-2 won by fall over John
Gossling (Turkey Valley) 0-2 (Fall 0:35)
Cons. Round 1 - John Gossling (Turkey
Valley) 0-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 2 - Conner Brandt (Wapsie
Valley) 3-3 won by fall over John Gossling
(Turkey Valley) 0-2 (Fall 0:19)

126 - Tom Reicks (2-2) placed 5th and
scored 10.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Tom Reicks (Turkey
Valley) 2-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Tom Reicks (Turkey Valley)
2-2 won by decision over Chase Hershey
(Oelwein) 1-3 (Dec 11-7)
Semifinal - Zach Fuessley (Center
Point-Urbana) 6-1 won by fall over Tom
Reicks (Turkey Valley) 2-2 (Fall 0:53)
Cons. Semi - Connor Slifka (Crestwood)
5-2 won by fall over Tom Reicks (Turkey
Valley) 2-2 (Fall 3:50)
5th Place Match - Tom Reicks (Turkey
Valley) 2-2 won by major decision over
Chase Hershey (Oelwein) 1-3 (MD 16-3)

152 - Riley Meirick (2-1) placed 2nd and
scored 20.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Riley Meirick (Turkey
Valley) 2-1 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Riley Meirick (Turkey Valley)
2-1 won by fall over Ethan Rauch (North
Linn) 1-4 (Fall 2:32)
Semifinal - Riley Meirick (Turkey Valley)
2-1 won in tie breaker - 1 over Gunnar
Grangaard (Waukon) 2-2 (TB-1 5-4)
1st Place Match - Tyler Thomas
(Crestwood) 6-0 won by decision over
Riley Meirick (Turkey Valley) 2-1 (Dec 3-0)

160 - Nick Meirick (0-3) placed 6th and
scored 3.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Nick Meirick (Turkey
Valley) 0-3 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Marshall Lyons (Waukon)
3-1 won by decision over Nick Meirick
(Turkey Valley) 0-3 (Dec 5-4)
Cons. Round 2 - Nick Meirick (Turkey
Valley) 0-3 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 3 - Nick Meirick (Turkey
Valley) 0-3 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Semi - Dakota Lopata (North Linn)
5-2 won by fall over Nick Meirick (Turkey
Valley) 0-3 (Fall 3:00)
5th Place Match - Trai Shakespeare
(Center Point-Urbana) 3-6 won by fall over
Nick Meirick (Turkey Valley) 0-3 (Fall 1:05)

170 - Charles Hadacek (2-2) placed 5th
and scored 11.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Charles Hadacek
(Turkey Valley) 2-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Brandon Marks
(Nashua-Plainfield) 2-2 won by fall over
Charles Hadacek (Turkey Valley) 2-2 (Fall
Cons. Round 2 - Charles Hadacek (Turkey
Valley) 2-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 3 - Charles Hadacek (Turkey
Valley) 2-2 won by fall over Cam
Moorehead (Central Springs) 0-4 (Fall 1:47)
Cons. Semi - Robert Rathbun (Center
Point-Urbana) 7-2 won by decision over
Charles Hadacek (Turkey Valley) 2-2 (Dec
5th Place Match - Charles Hadacek
(Turkey Valley) 2-2 won by fall over
Warren Fuller (Central City-Springville)
1-3 (Fall 0:59)

182 - Tyler Sawyer (1-3) placed 6th and
scored 7.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Tyler Sawyer (Turkey
Valley) 1-3 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Tyler Sawyer (Turkey Valley)
1-3 won by decision over Christian
Opperman (Oelwein) 0-2 (Dec 8-3)
Semifinal - Ryan Hageman (South
Winneshiek) 3-0 won by major decision
over Tyler Sawyer (Turkey Valley) 1-3 (MD
Cons. Semi - Ashton Van Alst (Central
City-Springville) 3-1 won by forfeit over
Tyler Sawyer (Turkey Valley) 1-3 (For.)
5th Place Match - Trevor Romann (Center
Point-Urbana) 5-4 won by medical forfeit
over Tyler Sawyer (Turkey Valley) 1-3 (M.

195 - Levi Klemish (1-2) placed 4th and
scored 12.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Levi Klemish (Turkey
Valley) 1-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Landers Kuboushek (South
Winneshiek) 3-1 won by decision over
Levi Klemish (Turkey Valley) 1-2 (Dec 5-0)
Cons. Round 2 - Levi Klemish (Turkey
Valley) 1-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Round 3 - Levi Klemish (Turkey
Valley) 1-2 received a bye () (Bye)
Cons. Semi - Levi Klemish (Turkey Valley)
1-2 won by forfeit over Jason Fisher
(Nashua-Plainfield) 1-3 (For.)
3rd Place Match - Landers Kuboushek
(South Winneshiek) 3-1 won in tie breaker
- 1 over Levi Klemish (Turkey Valley) 1-2
(TB-1 6-0)

220 - Kyle Reicks (2-1) placed 2nd and
scored 22.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Kyle Reicks (Turkey
Valley) 2-1 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Kyle Reicks (Turkey Valley)
2-1 won by fall over Marcus Carolan
(Center Point-Urbana) 1-8 (Fall 0:52)
Semifinal - Kyle Reicks (Turkey Valley) 2-1
won by fall over Garrett Praska
(Crestwood) 4-3 (Fall 3:45)
1st Place Match - Christopher Brincks
(South Winneshiek) 3-0 won by decision
over Kyle Reicks (Turkey Valley) 2-1 (Dec

285 - Luke Kuennen (3-0) placed 1st and
scored 28.00 team points.
Champ. Round 1 - Luke Kuennen (Turkey
Valley) 3-0 received a bye () (Bye)
Quarterfinal - Luke Kuennen (Turkey
Valley) 3-0 won by fall over Duel Pettit
(Center Point-Urbana) 0-2 (Fall 0:45)
Semifinal - Luke Kuennen (Turkey Valley)
3-0 won by fall over Kyler Schott (North
Linn) 5-2 (Fall 3:59)
1st Place Match - Luke Kuennen (Turkey
Valley) 3-0 won by fall over Blane Bark
(Nashua-Plainfield) 2-1 (Fall 1:06)

Comments from Coach Steve Andrukaitis

"It was a long day. We had some really great
moments. We had some not good moments.
It was not the start to the season that we
had hoped to have, but it was not terrible
either. Luke, Kyle, and Riley had really good
days. Saw a lot of good things come from
them along with others. There are a lot of
areas that we need to improve on and areas
that we will address in practice. It is a long
season and we are just beginning. What
makes it easy moving forward is the kids
are working hard and are willing to do what
we tell them to do."
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